Friday, January 20, 2012

Xbox Portable

It's here! The Xbox portable is here! Oh wait, it wheighs 3 pounds. Oh well, it's still portable. CES has released a hard shell case for any generic Xbox 360, or PS3. It has a little built in screen so that you can just strap in your console and start playing. Lots of foam and padding inside to protect it when you are carting it around but can be easily peeled back so that the console can breathe. It looks fairly awesome but as always I prefer the geekier and perhaps cheaper, method. Modding. It's awesome. I love it. Fuh-Evah. All over the interwebs I have been reading about mods people have made that makes their Xbox xompletely portable! (PS3 is yet to be discovered) Some mods go as far as installing a keyboard, camera, volume dial, headphone jack, slots for the controllers, basically everything. And they have really good tutorials. Ben Heck has one of my favorite Xbox 360 mods ever, and according to him only costs $50 over the cost of the Xbox. There are of course services out there for doing this to your Xbox for a price. Also a few people are willling to sell you theirs but then you might want to go with the CES version as you're more garunteed a good service and, is normally cheaper. This sounds to me to be pretty slick and I waiting for someone to go hack the 360 so I don't have to have anything Microsoft anymore. They'd be great except for the whole razorblade company thing. Should I explain razorblade company's in more depth? What else is the buzz on the internet? Let me know at and I will make sure to include it in my next blog post. is an awesome site with lots of cool flash games. Check it out. Keep up the geek. Peace off. :P

ADHD Version: They made an official Xbox 360 portable. Not much else. to give me stuff to put in my blog. I will always put it in.

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