Wednesday, January 11, 2012

High School Finals

Don't worry this isn't a rant about finals even though they do suck, and are the worst way of testing a persons knowledge about a subject. This is just a post of me letting my fan base of 3 people (me, myself, and I) that I do have finals coming up. Perhaps I could look around to find some advice on getting a better grade or studying, or maybe even cheating but that will have to wait as I think I need to log off the net for a week. I really need to study. Also as you know, although I don't know how, I do always try and post from an internet connection that I am tunneling out of. You know how I feel about restrictive firewalls. I find it really ironic to post a topic on geekiness in the midst of school. You know you're a geek when you're skipping class to get on a computer, or talk about math, or play DD. (magic the gathering as well I guess) I hope to get the wiki up soon with some help lists but that may take a while. I have zero experience with wiki's. Other than that no news for geeks at the moment that I know about. Maybe I missed something? Contact me at to let me know. Also check out for some awesome completely internet based TV.

ADHD Version: This post wasn't that long, just read it. 

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