School or Buisness Firewalls: They Suck

I hate school firewalls, I hate them with a fiery passion. They suck. Can I check my email? NO! Can I use any social networks? NO! Can I use any sites even remotely related to computers or security to find info on my machine? NO! In other words I can't use my machine. Why would they do this? Two common reasons: one, the network admins are paranoid little #$*(&@# that don't want anyone on their network getting more knowledgable than they are about computers. Or two, the actual network is so cheap and slow they can't have a bunch of people checking their facebook and using ANY bandwidth whatsoever. WHY??!!! Fortunately there is an easy solution to this, proxies. Now any random Joe whos school or work has any competence with networks whatsoever will know that internet or browser proxies don't really work. If the Admin of your network has any brains he will have a large black list of proxy sites. Sometimes you may find one they haven't blocked yet, but normally that dosen't last for long. Pretty soon you'll be back to searching for a recently built proxy site that isn't known, and still encrypts your traffic. I know you vets out there who know WAY more than me already know why you want to encrypt your stuff when using a proxy but for those FUGOW's out there who are just starting up, here's a brief explanation. Encrypting your traffic (turning it into wickedly hard mathematical code) is important when using proxies because almost all of the time you don't know who could be watching the node you routed out too. He could have malicious intent and steal some passwords or he could just want internet freedom, YOU don't know. So encrypt your traffic. It will make it a major pain for him to sniff your packets as well. Of course this does not mean you are completely safe. NEVER check your banking site through a proxy, heck never check it on anything but your home network as their are too many newbies out there that could potentially sniff your traffic. Just use proxies for your little fun sites that are blocked on your average network. Facebook and Twitter, or Flickr or your favorite gaming site. Just so long as it isn't tied into your money somehow there isn't a lot of incentive to hack it. Why would someone want your FB password? Post spam on your wall? So what? You can just send an email to facebook letting them know and voila password changed and back to posting about whatever you post about! Hooray! So in essence proxies are great for just going to sites that shouldn't be blocked on a network. So, if online proxies are out the window how to I get out? The answer is simple, get a downloaded and installed proxy that runs on your computer. Simple and efficient, and webpage blocking has no effect as it is a program that they do not have any power over. Simple huh? The programs I reccomend are Hotspot Shield, which you can even get for apple and android devices as well as your PC, and Tor the onion router. If you are just someone who just wants to check your email, then get Hotspot shield and don't even think about Tor. Hotspot encrypts your traffic and sends it to it's own VPN which then takes your page requests fteches them and sends them back. Tor is the same way but with a lot more VPN's so your traffic is hidden among layers of an anonymous onion. So use Tor if you are paranoid! I digress use Tor for a even more secured approach. Of course Tor is not completely secure and it has been proven that the government can set up honey pots to steal your traffic and catch up to you, but they need to really suspect you, and you would need to have some really bad luck. So, it's mostly for paranoid people who are fine with sacrificing their internet speeds and YouTube. (Tor blocks Flash Player and Quick Time and all the others.) Of course if your school or company makes you use their computer and blocks user installation, well then you're screwed right? Fortunately, no, you're wrong. I have two favorite and fast ways of getting around this. One is a Linux live cd. Bam! You're out of their eyes and without thier stinky spy programs. Or go home and download, say, Hot Spot Shield, and then before the installation go and get Cameyo the package editor, and turn that hot spot shield into a portable flash drive version runnable off any basic flash drive. Bam! You are free to roam the web. Tor comes preinstalled with a portable version as well. If you don't get some of this, remember Google!! Finally, what did you think about all this? Any better ideas? Need more in depth instructions? Email me at And I will always read it and respond. (so long is it isn't already covered) Also you greyhats out there or maybe even white hats, check out for more info on securing you stuff.

Happy Geeking.


ADHD version: Go get Hot Spot Shield, or Tor if you are mega paranoid. Turn it into a portable version and run it on your school or company computer for access to whatever websites you want! Don't go to banking websites on any network but your own even with a proxy. Email me at, and check out for security information and giggles. Also Linux is god!